Who said operating a DAO must feel like chaos?

Mercantille helps
DAOs with



Instantly see
what's up

Have all the activity in your DAO displayed in one comprehensive and transparent command center.

Keep the operations clean and sustainable to support the healthy community growth.

Start onboarding your org

Have a complete overview of your members' activity



Fair rewards for all, automated

Pay for all kinds of contribution in one place. Set up rules for algorithmic rewards for different actions and types of work.

Get a clear picture of your ogranisation's finance and how it impacts the community/s health.

Try it out

Structurize the chaos of community finance



Reputation as a game-changer

Reputation is the cornerstone of influence and impact.

Transferable reputation is the next generation asset that will enable new ways of collaboration and is set to change how we approach community governance.

Implement for your members

Make members reputation their biggest asset



The most powerful
bird on the internet

Meet Jonathan the Seagull, or your new community concierge that empowers members to track events, pay other members for certain actions, trade reputation and so much more!

Add to your server

Your personal operational concierge



See it
in action

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We're currently in closed beta and onboard all new organisations in a personalised manner.

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